Work in progress

"A Phenomenological Conception of Responsibility"

"Shared Action: An Existential Phenomenological Account"

"Shared Ethical Demands"


Under contract Heidegger's Social Ontology: The Phenomenology of Self, World, and Others, Cambridge University Press

Refereed Journal Articles

Forthcoming "Fænomenologi og antropocentrisme: Menneske og dyr hos Husserl og Heidegger" in Religionsvidenskabeligt Tidsskrift

Forthcoming "The Ontological Problem of Futurity: Temporality and Possibility in Phenomenology, Messianism, and Hyper-Chaos" in Trópos. Journal of Hermeneutics and Philosophical Criticism

Forthcoming "Hospitality, Responsibility, and Community: A Political Phenomenological Reading of Antigone" in Raphisa

2020 “Heidegger and the genesis of social ontology: Mitwelt, Mitsein and the problem of other people” in European Journal of Philosophy

2019 “Relationality and Commitment. Ethics and Ontology in Heidegger’s Aristotle” in Journal of the British Society for Phenomenology

2018 “Shame, Belonging, and Biopolitics: Agamben Among the Phenomenologists” in Human Studies

2017 “Depopulation: On the Logic of Heidegger’s Volk” in Research in Phenomenology

2017 “At bo med Heidegger: En læsning af beboelsesproblematikken i det sene forfatterskab” in Res Cogitans

2016 “Agambens kairologi: Erfaring og den messianske tid” in Slagmark

2015 “Nostalgic Freilassen: Emancipation beyond Empowerment” in Trópos. Journal of Hermeneutics and Philosophical Criticism

Other Journal Articles

2014 “Redemptive Revolutions: The Political Hermeneutics of Walter Benjamin” in Crisis and Critique

2014 “‘I could call you mad, were you not my father’: On Madness and Sovereignty” in Semikolon

2013 “Capital and Power: Foucault and Marx on the Early Capitalist Period” in Hinge: A Journal of Contemporary Studies

Reviews and Criticism

2020 “Heideggers etik?” in Slagmark

2016 “Om en posthum dialog mellem Benjamin og Heidegger. Benjamin and Vardoulakis (ed.): Sparks Will Fly” in Slagmark

2015 “Behovet for en husven. Martin Heidegger: Sprog og hjemstavn” in Filosofiske anmeldelser

Other Publications

2019 ”Hvordan eksisterer fællesskaber?” at Baggrund