Forthcoming Heidegger's Social Ontology: The Phenomenology of Self, World, and Others, Cambridge University Press

Refereed Journal Articles

2021 "Shared Action: An Existential Phenomenological Account" in Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences

2020 Heidegger and the genesis of social ontology: Mitwelt, Mitsein and the problem of other people” in European Journal of Philosophy

2020 "Fænomenologi og antropocentrisme" in Religionsvidenskabeligt Tidsskrift

2020 "The Ontological Problem of Futurity: Temporality and Possibility in Phenomenology, Messianism, and Hyper-Chaos" in Trópos. Journal of Hermeneutics and Philosophical Criticism

2019 Relationality and Commitment. Ethics and Ontology in Heidegger’s Aristotle” in Journal of the British Society for Phenomenology

2019 "Hospitality, Responsibility, and Community: A Political Phenomenological Reading of Antigone” in Raphisa

2018 Shame, Belonging, and Biopolitics: Agamben Among the Phenomenologists” in Human Studies

2017 Depopulation: On the Logic of Heidegger’s Volk” in Research in Phenomenology

2017 At bo med Heidegger: En læsning af beboelsesproblematikken i det sene forfatterskab” in Res Cogitans

2015 Agambens kairologi: Erfaring og den messianske tid” in Slagmark

2015 Nostalgic Freilassen: Emancipation beyond Empowerment” in Trópos. Journal of Hermeneutics and Philosophical Criticism

Other Journal Articles

2014 “Redemptive Revolutions: The Political Hermeneutics of Walter Benjamin” in Crisis and Critique

2014 “‘I could call you mad, were you not my father’: On Madness and Sovereignty” in Semikolon

2013 “Capital and Power: Foucault and Marx on the Early Capitalist Period” in Hinge: A Journal of Contemporary Studies

Reviews and Criticism

2020 “Heideggers etik?” in Slagmark

2016 “Om en posthum dialog mellem Benjamin og Heidegger. Benjamin and Vardoulakis (ed.): Sparks Will Fly” in Slagmark

2015 “Behovet for en husven. Martin Heidegger: Sprog og hjemstavn” in Filosofiske anmeldelser

Other Publications

2019 ”Hvordan eksisterer fællesskaber?” at Baggrund