2019 PhD in Philosophy, Aarhus University

Dissertation title: World and Coexistence: A Critical Reconstruction of Heidegger’s Social Ontology

2016 MA in Philosophy, Aarhus University

2013 BA in Philosophy, Aarhus University and Contemporary Studies, Dalhousie University & University of King’s College

Academic Positions

2020- Associate Member, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Oxford

2020- Carlsberg Junior Research Fellow, Linacre College, University of Oxford

2019-20 External Lecturer, Study of Religion, Aarhus University

2019 Fundraiser for project on public philosophy, Philosophy, Aarhus University

2018-19 Research Assistant, Philosophy, Aarhus University

2014-18 PhD Fellow, Philosophy, Aarhus University

2013 Teaching Assistant, Philosophy, Aarhus University

Visiting Positions

2020-21 Visiting Researcher (4 months), Center for Subjectivity Research, University of Copenhagen

2015-16 Visiting Scholar (6 months), Universität Wien

Honours and Awards

2021 Carlsberg Foundation Reintegration Fellowship, sole applicant (DKK 1.174.397)

2019 Carlsberg Foundation Visiting Fellowship at University of Oxford, sole applicant (850.000 DKK)

2019 Grant for International Network Programme for Network for Phenomenological Anthropology of the Future, PI: Thomas Schwarz Wentzer, co-applicant (288.000 DKK)

2014 Fully Funded PhD Scholarship (4 years), Faculty of Arts, Aarhus University, sole applicant

2012 Faculty Stipend of Aarhus University (Hovedområdestipendie) , sole applicant (10.500 DKK)

2012 Dato Seri B. Bek-Nielsens Almennyttige Fond, sole applicant (3.000 DKK)

2009 Highest grade point average (11.8), Holstebro Gymnasium


"Heidegger on (Asymmetric) Social Interaction"

  • Research Unit on Robophilosophy, Aarhus University, March 17, 2022

“Shared Ethical Demands”

  • The Ethics of Sharing, Aarhus University, May 11, 2021

  • The Danish Philosophical Society, Aarhus, March 5, 2022

  • Nordic Society for Phenomenology, Södertörn University, Stockholm, April 21-23, 2022

“Shared Action: An Existential Phenomenological Approach”

  • Social Ontology 2021, University of California San Diego, August 18, 2021

  • Post-Kantian European Philosophy Seminar, University of Oxford, February 9, 2021

“Heidegger on Social Cognition”

  • Phenomenology and Sociality, Central and East European Society for Phenomenology, Ljubljana, December 2, 2021

  • Society for European Philosophy/Forum for European Philosophy 2020, Staffordshire University, October 31, 2020

“Værensforståelse og antropocentrisme”

  • Seminar om religion, mennesker og andre livsvæsner, Aarhus University, December 5, 2019

“With Whom Do We Share the World? Relativism, Ethnocentrism, and the Hermeneutics of Coexistence”

  • Sensus Communis: Exploring the Ontologies of Coexistence, Aarhus University, June 13, 2019

“World Transformation and Dasein in the Plural: On the Problem of Social Authenticity”

  • The Danish Philosophical Society, Roskilde, March 1, 2018

“Rethinking the Human: Philosophical Anthropology in the Anthropocene” (with Thomas Schwarz Wentzer)

  • Workshop on Philosophical Anthropology, Södertörn University, Stockholm, February 1, 2018

  • Workshop on Human Ontology, Aarhus University, October 4, 2017

“Expectation and surprise. Futurity as possibility”

  • Human Futures: Temporality, Aarhus University, December 13, 2017

“Sharing the good: Heidegger, Aristotle, and a social ontological interpretation of logos

  • Heidegger: Dwelling, Thinking, and Ethical Life, Western University, Canada, October 28, 2017

“Uncanniness and hospitality in Antigone.”

  • Hospitality and Otherness, Aarhus University, June 22, 2017

“Being with one another: Heidegger on commonality.”

  • Place, Commonality, and the Human: Towards a New Philosophical Anthropology, Aarhus University, October 7, 2016

“Europas poler: Heideggers vandring langs Hölderlins floder”

  • The Danish Philosophical Society, Aarhus, March 6, 2015

“On Community: Nancy Reads Hegel.”

  • MA-Student Conference, Aarhus University, May 26, 2014

“Levinas and the topology of homeliness.”

  • MA-Student Conference, Aarhus University, December 10, 2013

Conferences and workshops organized

2019 Sensus Communis: Exploring the Ontologies of Coexistence. Co-organizer (with Maria Louw and Rasmus Dyring). Aarhus University, June 12-14

2018 “Community and Ontology.” Co-organizer (with Rasmus Dyring). Panel at The Annual Meeting of the Danish Philosophical Society, Roskilde University, March 2-3

2017 Workshop on human ontology. Co-organizer (with Thomas Schwarz Wentzer, Andrew Benjamin and Jeff Malpas). Aarhus University, October 5-6

2016 Place, Commonality, and the Human: Towards a New Philosophical Anthropology. Co-organizer (with Thomas Schwarz Wentzer, Andrew Benjamin and Jeff Malpas). Aarhus University, October 6-7

2015 Annual Meeting of the Danish Philosophical Society. Co-organizer. Aarhus University, March 6-7



  • Sartre on Self and Others (2018, Philosophy, Aarhus University)

  • Philosophy and Tragedy (2017, Philosophy, Aarhus University)

  • Research Lab in Idealism and Post-Idealism: Arendt and the Human Condition (2016, Philosophy, Aarhus University)


  • Philosophy of Social Minds (as guest lecturer, 2020, Aarhus University)

  • Philosophy of Religion and Ethics (2019, Religious Studies, Aarhus University)

  • Studium Generale (2019, Study of Religion + Arabic and Islam Studies, Aarhus University)

  • Kierkegaard and Modern Existential Philosophy (2018, Interdisciplinary Elective Course, Aarhus University)

  • Thesis Writing Workshop (2018, Philosophy, Aarhus University)

  • Philosophical Anthropology (2017, Philosophy, Aarhus University)

  • History of Philosophy II (as teaching assistant, 2016, Philosophy, Aarhus University)

  • History of Philosophy I (as internal examiner, 2016, Philosophy, Aarhus University)